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Notice about inspection of import fruits, seeds and other relevant goods

Dear Customer,

Starting from July 22nd 2019, PACTL and PACTL West’s Customs Inspection Work of Inbound fruits, seeds and other relevant goods will be integrated at the designated inspection area at PACTL West. The supporting service for the inbound cargo customs inspection, as well as the towing service from PACTL T1 & T2 to the designated inspection area at PACTL West can be provided accordingly on request.

Regarding the customs inspection for inbound fruits, seeds and other relevant goods, including reservation, accompanying, pick-up and others, please follow below instructions:

1. The consignee or the agent should select “PACTL West” under “Cargo Location” at “Customs Inspection Reservation Information Management Platform”. “Warehouse Customs Inspection Request Form” should be submitted at inbound documentation department office at PACTL West.

2. Accompanying person should request a temporarily visitor pass at PACTL West in advance, then entering the designated customs inspection area for customs inspection.

3. Once the cargo is released from Customs inspection, consignee should complete the pick-up procedure at inbound documentation department office, then picking up the cargo from PACTL West.

Please prepare in advance and if you have any questions, please call import manager on duty for more details. The number is 13761952975.