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Notice on enhancing the safety management of DG onboard inbound flights

Dear Customers Airlines,

There are some serious security risks in some of the inbound flights lately and have caused some impacts on the cargo operation. We would like to reiterate that all the DG must follow the related regulations of CAAC – declare in advance and handle carefully. If there are any damage or shortage detected when the cargo arrives, please assign the related person to get in contact us immediately.

We always put safety in the first place and will further enhance our internal process for the DG to create a fair, safe, efficient and controllable environment. We would appreciate very much if you can also enhance your safety management awareness to avoid any incidents from the beginning. We will also evaluate the safety operation index per airline and may add some business clauses in the SGHA with companies with serious safety violations, and reserve our rights to take further actions. Besides, for any safety violation incidents, we will report to the CAAC, police and other authorities in the first place. Any safety responsibilities caused by the misconduct from airline should be borne by the responsible party.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Marketing Department